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November Jobs

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Our full guide to all of the jobs to do in the garden in November

What to do in the garden in November

November can be typically damp and windy but occasionally mild with a fair few days of autumnal sunshine -  take full advantage of any bright, sunny days now so you can get ahead with preparing for winter. This is the month to plant your tulip bulbs for flowering in spring, we've got some helpful articles at the bottom of the page which are full of tips and tricks on planting spring bulbs.

If you're busy cutting back and tidying borders this month. Add your waste material from the garden to your compost heap or bin. You could also use the collected leaves to make leaf mould; place them in a reusable bin bag with a few puncture holes and leave them to decompose for up to 2 years.

Use this month as an opportunity to plant bare-root trees shrubs and roses and to clean or repurpose anypots, trays or troughs you don't plan on using to help with the organising of the shed in preparation for the busy spring months that are just around the corner. 

Most of all, don't forget to stop and enjoy the autumn colours and foliage at the moment as it can be truly spectacular!

Ornamental garden:

  • Part prune roses to prevent wind rock.
  • Continue to tidy borders if weather permits.
  • Final cut for lawns if no frosts.
  • Rake and remove fallen leaves.
  • Cutback spent foliage and flowers of herbaceous perennials.
  • Leave the seed heads of grasses like Miscanthus to provide winter structure.
  • Continue to lay turf for new lawns – avoid frosty days if possible.
  • Remove surplus dead leaves from ponds.
  • Complete planting of bulbs.
  • Mulch borders – especially borderline hardy perennials.
  • Plant bare-root shrubs and roses.
  • Plant amaryllis or paper-white daffodil bulbs for blooms in time for Christmas.
  • Plant winter flowering shrubs like daphne and sarcococca.
  • Take hardwood cuttings of roses and other deciduous shrubs.
  • Scarify lawns.
  • Keep off lawns in wet and frosty weather.

Vegetable garden:
  • Begin winter pruning of fruit trees.
  • Plant fruit trees, soft fruit and cane fruit.
  • Plant garlic cloves.
  • Apply grease bands around trunks of fruit trees to protect them from the winter months.
  • Apply a good layer of compost/manure to bare areas of ground.
  • Protect salad plants under cloches/ fleece etc.
  • Clear spent old plants.

Always check for hibernating creatures before starting any bonfires!

Top Products for November Gardening

Tree Planting Compost

We've got a selection of tree and shrub planting compost available from names such as Melcourt, Levington and Sinclair.
With options available for all gardens we've got what you need to get your trees and shrubs planted.

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Bulb Plant Pots

These bulb plant pots, manufactured in tough and hardwearing plastic, are shallower than a normal planter making them ideal for planting bulbs and shallow rooted plants. Come with predrilled with drainage holes.


Flamingo Pebbles

Flamingo Pebbles® is an eye-catching mix of pinks, creams and grey that contrasts to darker materials as well as adding distinction to landscaping products. These unique pebbles have been tumbled to simulate the appearance of natural pebbles that have been rounded by the sea. This exclusive product is made from recycled materials.


Pine Bark Mini Chips

A neat, small chip, high-performance mulch, from the ‘deluxe’ range, suitable for a wide range of mulching applications, particularly on beds and borders, tubs, pots, window boxes and roof gardens. Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). Slowly improves the soil’s organic content, as it decomposes into the soil


Frost Protection Fleece

Keep your garden warm with our white garden fleece also known as horticultural fleece. Fleece can be used to protect against cold, frost as well as other harmful weather conditions and pests. Fleece can be used outdoors, with containers on patios and balconies, or even in greenhouses.

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