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Sustainable growing

Melcourt Sylvagrow is a treasured favourite amongst gardeners and growers alike, we explore what...Read the full article
Our range from Dalefoot is wool-based, peat free & approved for organic growing!Read the full article
Gardeners are switching over to peat-free compost and with an increasing number of peat-free options...Read the full article
In this article you'll find everything you need to know about controlling sciarid flies in peat-free...Read the full article
Potting composts are designed to be the best growing medium for plants. Peat has been used as a...Read the full article
Prioritising nutrition, particularly when using peat-free compost is crucial. To maximise yields and...Read the full article
When growing in peat-free, selecting the right type of fertilisers becomes crucial for ensuring...Read the full article
Formulated by Fargro's Growing Media and Fertiliser Specialist, Sean Whitworth, for use in your...Read the full article

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